Karachi University Officers Pride wins with heavy majority


Karachi University Officers Pride on Wednesday won Karachi University
Officers Welfare Association Elections 2018-20 with heavy majority.

According to the results, M. Tahir Khan from Officers Pride elected as
President after securing 129 votes while his opponents Mansoor Hassn of
Officers’ Alliance got 39 votes, Rashid Qureshi from United Officers’
received 65 votes and Sanaullah from Peoples More managed 23 votes.

Meanwhile, Dr M. Hasan Auj of Officers Pride was elected as Vice President
by securing 150 votes whereas Munir Ahmed, Rehan Siddiqui and Dr Mansoor
Ali had 49, 31 and 18 votes respectively.

For the post of General Secretary, Muhammad Arif of Officers Pride bagged
127 votes while Zahid Hussain, Tajuddin and Imtiaz Ahmed collected 58, 44
and 20 votes respectively. Mehboob Alam from Officers Pride had 120 votes
and elected as Joint Secretary whereas Jalees Qazi, Mujeeb Ullah and
Muhammad Sharif received 72, 31 and 22 votes respectively.

Mateen Aziz was elected as Treasure after securing 136 votes, he belong to
Officers Pride while Qaiser Abbas, Dr M Tariq and Masood Alam had 47, 36
and 28 votes respectively. Furthermore, Salamuddin, Kashif Imran, Shazad
Mumtaz, Sami, Ghazanfar Ali, Fareed Siddiqui, M Rehan, Shanawaz, M Ali Khan
and Nargis Fatima, all from Officers Pride were elected as the Executive
Council members.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan congratulated the newly
elected office bearers and expressed his best wishes to them.


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