The technology is used to commit more sophisticated crimes.


Karachi:(Staff Reporter) The technology is used to commit more sophisticated crimes. The law enforcement officers and those in the legal system shall focus upon using tech tools to combat crime.50 officers from Pakistan Air Force attended training sessions conducted by Prof. Dr. Qamar-ul- Arifeen at PAF Base Faisal, Karachi.
Today”s lecture was on CDR Analysis and on the process of deriving results from. CDR its processing and extracting locations of concerns and and processing of important Data for Pattern Analysis for effective and precise investigation to be presented in the court of law. It is a science of finding evidence about a criminal whose whereabouts were not known and even then traced with precision while analyzing the CDR. It provides the best techniques and tools to solve complicated digital-related cases.
While speaking to the Batch of Police officers in the Training Session *Prof. Dr. Qamar elaborated different types of Crimes and the destructive power they carry with them. He also emphasized on the need of such programs to be organized regularly as to bring about the much needed awareness to the Law Enforcement agencies.
The instructor Prof. Dr. Qamar is highly respected individual in the field of digital forensic with vast hands-on experience to identify crime patterns through mobile forensics, geo fencing, data mining, cloud computing and overall digital forensics.


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