KU conducts workshop on CPR first-aid Method

A day-long workshop on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was held at Mass
Communication Department of the University of Karachi on Thursday.The workshop was conducted by the students of MA (Final) class of the
department. The chief instructor of the workshop Dr Irfan briefed its
participants about the CPR. He said that CPR was an easy procedure of first
medical aid to any person suffering from heart attack as everyone should
get training of this basic and simple first-aid method.

He said that every person should spare at least one hour in the entire day
for sake of his or her own health for leading a healthier life.

Dr Fauzia Naz of the Mass Communication Department, KU, shed light on the
importance of heart in the system of human life. She also talked on
increasing risks for lives of youngsters due to heart ailments.

The participants of the workshop were divided into eight groups to train
them about CPR procedure. In the end, participants of the workshop were
given certificates of participation.

A large number of students from different departments of the KU attended
the workshop. The workshop was jointly organized by the Department of Mass
Communication of KU in collaboration with the Dow University of Health
Sciences and American Heart Association.


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