Strengthening Youth will strengthen Pakistan, Sarfaraz Ahmed


The strengthening of youth will strengthen Pakistan. If we want to progress
as a nation then we must strengthen our youth. The educated youth are the
future of Pakistan and they will make us proud in the future too.

These views were expressed by the Pakistan cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed
on Monday. He was speaking at a seminar “Healthy Youth: Strong Nation”
organized by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Karachi at
Arts Auditorium KU on Monday in connection with Pakistan Day.

He observed that we have great expectations from our youth. He stressed
that we must only trust Almighty Allah and not the people. He shared that
the self-confidence and trust in Almighty Allah will make you successful in

He also observed that Almighty Allah will give you what you want from Him.
Sarfaraz Ahmed said that Almighty Allah rewards those who work hard. He
cited his own example saying that there was no place for him in the
Pakistani cricket team nearly three years ago but now he was the captain of
Pakistani cricket team.

Sarfraz Ahmed expressed that the teachers play crucial role in building a
society. “The teachers impart quality education to the students and they
also enable them to cope up with the future challenges. The students must
not forget their teachers after succeeding in life.”

He advised that the students must highlight the names of their teachers
which will give everlasting happiness to their teachers. He stressed that
teachers also play an important role in the success of a student just like
the parents.

He promised that he will not forget the overwhelming love that he has
received from the people of Pakistan and Karachi in particular. He said
that the prayers of the people are behind his success today.

Meanwhile, the renowned singer and social worker Shehzad Roy said that he
was happy to witness an environment at University of Karachi where people
were free to express their opinion. He mentioned that such positive
activities bring stability to the society.

The anchor person Iqrar-ul-Hassan said that the country will not change
with the change of leaders but it will change when the people will change.
He further said that Pakistan will change and become a progressive country
if our youth find the right direction today. He requested people to use
their resources for the betterment of this country and welfare of the needy

The KU Vice Chancellor Professor Doctor Muhammad Ajmal Khan said that the
society cannot become the paradigm of welfare and progress without the
ideological revolution. He claimed that there was no shortage of skills in
our young generation. He advised that the need of the hour was that the
youth becomes more tolerant by avoiding negative demeanor and torture.

He observed that the success of Sarfraz was not the result of good fortune
but it was the result of an outstanding performance in all the four
Pakistan Super League tournaments including the victory in the recent PSL

He said Sarfraz was the role model of today’s youth. He added that we feel
proud that the student of Karachi University is leading Pakistan’s cricket
team. He advised the students to follow the footsteps of Sarfraz and thrive
to lead any of Pakistan’s team in the future so that we can proudly say
that our students are leading Pakistani sports’ teams.

“The students will have to work hard to become future leaders. The students
will have to lift their standards in the field of education so that their
name comes right at the top in the list of changing the fortune of this

He said that Sarfraz Ahmed is one such example whose name is at the top of
the list of changing the fortune of this country. He hoped that Sarfraz
Ahmed will bring the world cup home as well.

The Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, KU, Professor Doctor Nasreen
Aslam Shah said that the purpose of today’s seminar was to boost the morale
of youth so that they can play their role in the progress of the country.

She mentioned that it was the responsibility of the teachers to tell
students about the pros and cons of the things. She claimed that the youth
were the identity of our nation in front of the world. She observed that
the youth have to restore the respect and value of this nation. She advised
that the youth were the hope of elderly people and role model for the
coming generations.

The anchor Rizwan Jaffer said that cleanliness was half of religion. He
advised that one should not limit cleanliness to his or her personality but
they should ensure that their surroundings are also clean.

Psychiatrist Dr Uneeza Niaz claimed that we were forgetting the Islamic
values while the non-Muslims were adopting them. She observed that foreign
teachers were imparting the education in their educational institutions
which were the root of our upbringings. She said that model science is
being taught in western countries and Islam has already highlighted the
teaching of model science. She stressed that we must take care of our

Nutritionist Dr Ayesha Abbas encouraged students to see dreams. “It was
very important for students to see dreams.” She asked students to work hard
to fulfill their dreams. She said you desire for improvement when you
dream. She observed that the life will be colorless without dreams.


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