US Consulate General officials discuss exchange and scholarship programs with KU VC


A three-member delegation of the United States Consulate General Karachi visited the University of Karachi on Thursday and talked about the exchanges and scholarship programs for the students and faculty members of the Karachi University.
The Cultural Affairs Officer, Christina Tribble, Cultural Attaché Cameron Thomas-Shah and Cultural Affairs Manager Ali Chauhan met the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, Registrar Professor Dr Saleem Shahzad, deans of all faculties, student advisor, campus advisor, in-charge, directorate of admission committee, in-charge students financial aid office, director distance education program at the VC Secretariat.
The visitors informed the KU faculty that through the scholarship and exchange program opportunities, the US government wants to promote mutual understanding with their partners.
They shed light on the different scholarship programs being offered at the American universities. They also expressed how US exchange and scholarship programs help in achieving dreams of students and talk at length about the program offered by the US government through various platforms.
They asked the KU faculty to encourage students to avail the opportunity by applying for the Fulbright scholarship program which is open at the moment. They informed that officials of the US Educational Foundation Pakistan would soon visit the KU and would meet the students to educate them about the Fulbright, UGrad and other scholarship programs while the US Consulate General Karachi would make sure that university partnership program would be established with the Karachi University at earliest.
Christina Tribble said that seminars and workshops should be conducted to create awareness among the students regarding the scholarship programs being offered in the United States of America.
Cameron Thomas-Shah said that faculty training and exchange program, online courses, virtual programs, series of dialogue with students and faculty members, combine collaboration with Pakistani and American researchers is possible as it would bring them closer and would help in clearing the misconception if such things are present there.
They informed that the US government is working to improve the situation in Sindh and Balochistan in various sectors including the education from grass-root to higher education level. The visitors also talked about developing community based programs along with teachers training programs.
They expressed that good number of KU students would avail the US scholarship programs. They mentioned that there is a need to strengthen the inter-faith culture and hoped that KU academicians would play a vital role in this regard.
Earlier, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi gives brief introductions regarding the departments, research institutions and progress of the Karachi University while other participates shared their roles and responsibilities.
Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi acknowledges that US government through its various platforms working tirelessly to improve standards of education in the developing countries including Pakistan.
There is a lot of opportunities available for Pakistani students to get US scholarship programs, we just need to create awareness regarding the programs and their eligibility criteria so that maximum students could avail the chance to continue their studies in America.
He hoped that KU faculty would be benefited from the university partnership program and also shares their experiences with their students in the Karachi University.
Later the Cultural Affairs Officer, Christina Tribble, Cultural Attaché Cameron Thomas-Shah planted saplings in the lawn in front of the New Administration Building.


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