ICAP Elections Result for the term 2021-2025


ICAP Elections Result for the term 2021-2025
Karachi:(Staff Reporter)The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) has successfully conducted the elections for the ICAP Council and Regional Committees (Southern and Northern) on September 11, 2021. ICAP is a statutory body established under the Chartered Accountants (CA) Ordinance, 1961 to regulate the profession of accountancy in Pakistan. Council is the governing body responsible for managing the affairs of ICAP. Elections of ICAP are held after every four years under the supervision of an Election Committee which is constituted under the provisions of the CA Bye-Laws, 1983 and is independent of the Council of ICAP. Members of ICAP actively participated in the voting process at the recently held Elections. A large majority of the voters casted their votes through electronic voting.
Mr. Arslan Khalid, Mr. Asad Feroze, Mr. Ashfaq Yousuf Tola, Mr. Farrukh Rehman, Ms. Hina, Usmani, Mr. Husnain Raza Badami, Mr. Khalid Rahman, Ms. Khursheed Kotwal, Mr. Mohammad Maqbool, Mr. Muhammad Ali Latif, Mr. Muhammad Awais, Mr. Muhammad Samiullah, Mr. Saifullah, Mr. Shahab Qadir and Mr. Zeeshan Ijaz declared elected by the Election committee of the Institute in the ICAP Council for the term 2021-25
Mr. Ahmad Salman Arshad, Ms. Ammara Shamim, Mr. Aneel Peter, Mr. Farooq Hameed, Mr. Mohsin Jamil and Mr. Zeeshan Ali declared elected in the ICAP Northern Regional Committee whereas Mr. Bashir Ahmed, Ms. Moneeza Usman Butt, Mr. Osama Kapadia, Mr. Shaikh Ahmed Salman, Syed Junaid Ali and Mr. Usama Rashid declared elected by the Election committee of the Institute in the ICAP Southern Regional Committee for the term 2021-25.


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