Elections of Sindh Chess Association-2020-2024


Group photo of executive members of Karachi División Chess Association


Elections of Sindh Chess Association conducted at a local Club in Karachi. Representatives of Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas,Hyderabad, Shaheed Benazirabad and Karachi participated in the Annual General Meeting and Elections of the Association for the next tenure of four years i.e. 2021-2024.Mr. Samir Mir Shaikh from Karachi Division has been elected as President of the Sindh Chess Association; Mr. Farooq Qamar elected as Chairman and Mr. Samar Hussain elected as Deputy Chairman.Mr. M. Wasif Nisar, the International Arbiter, from World Chess Federation (FIDE) has been elected as General Secretary of the Chess Association for the next four years Term-2021-2024.The election of Sindh Chess ssociation (SCA) has been concluded here at a club in Karachi. The General Assembly was held at 5:30 pm to elect the Managing Committee for the next Four Years Term i.e. 2021-2024. The election committee scrutinized the nomination papers filed for various portfolios of the Sindh Chess Associations.At this occasion the designated observer from Sindh Olympic Association Mr.Asghar Baloch, thoroughly inspect the Identity of the all members of the
house present to attend the electoral meeting; he asked the members of the house to submit their CNICs for verification and Scrutiny. After examining the nomination-papers; the role had been called once again as a matter of reconfirmation.The observer from CFP and SCA are also present at this occasion As soon as the house become in order the house was handed over to the ElectionCommittee to conduct the election for different offices of the Provincial Chess Association of the Sindh Province.The election commissioner nnounced the portfolios of the Association turnby turn and the following Managing Committee for the next four years term (2021-2024)have been elected as under:
1. Chairman : ` Mr. Qamar Farooq
2. Deputy Chairman: Mr. Samar Hussain
3. President: Mr. Samir Mir Shaikh (Karachi Division)
4. Senior Vice President: Mr. Muhammad Ghayas Uddin (Karachi Division)
5. Vice President-I : Ms. Mukhtiar Bhatti Hyderabad Division)
6. Vice President-II : Mr. Khalid Rajput (Benazirabad Div.)
7. General Secretary: Mr. Muhammad Wasif Nisar (Karachi Division)
8. Joint Secretary –I : Mr. Aftab Jilani (Karachi Division)
9. Finance Secretary : Mr. Saleem Iqbal (Umer Kot-MPK)
10.Public R. Secretary: Mr. Zahid Saeed (Sukkar Division)
11. Executive Member-I :
i. Mr. Saleem Ahmed Arain (Khair Pur)
ii. Mr. Ahmed Mujtaba (Hyderabad Division)
iii. Mr. Omair Ahmed (Benazirabad Division)
iv. Mr. Fareed Ahmed (Mirpurkhas Division)
v. Mr. Zahoor Ahmed (Larkana Division)
Names of observers:
1. Sindh Olympic Association: Mr. Asghar Baloch
2. Sindh Chess Association: Mr. Ghulam Yasin
Names of Election Officers:
1). Mr. Muhammad Aslam
2). Ms. Ammara.
3). Mr. Mustaqeem Ansari
The Meeting concluded with vote of Thanks and the executive committee meeting
will be scheduled to be held in the next month to finalize the handing over and
taking over the charge of the Association.


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