Everyone has to contribute to make environment healthy and pollution free, KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi.


The entire nation has to participate to make the clean and green Pakistan and so the students, teaching faculty and non-teaching staff of the University of Karachi, to make the campus environment friendly and ideal example for rest of the city and country.

Everyone has to contribute to make their surrounding’s environment healthy and pollution free. This is not a responsibility of government only or any other department, each and every person has to play their role in this regard.

These views were expressed by the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Wednesday. He was talking to students and faculty members of the Department of Genetics after sapling a plant along with the KU Registrar Professor Dr Saleem Shahzad.

He mentioned that the importance of tree plantation has been stressed upon time and again. And the need for tree plantation has become even greater these days because of the growing pollution in the environment.

He observed that students of sciences could advocate the need of tree plantation and healthy environment better than others and not a single person or group of people could make any changes until the whole nation united for this noble cause.

He informed them that plantation drive would continue as the regular feature in the campus activities in which every faculty and departments would play their roles so that Karachi University could positively uplift the city’s environmental conditions.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said that sapling a plant is a gift to future’s generation and we should adopt the habit of planning our positive role in giving healthy and safe environment to our upcoming generations.

The Chairman, Department of Genetics, Professor Dr Maqsood Ali Ansari, Professor Dr Shakeel Farooqui and others were also present on this occasion.













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