KU VC inaugurates website of Urdu Department research journal Imtezaaj


The Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Wednesday inaugurated the website of the research journal of the Department of Urdu, which is called Imtezaaj and accessible at www.imtezzaj.uok.edu.pk.
He said that research has played a pivotal role in the betterment, empowerment and nation building. It possesses all the qualities to teach lifelong lessons to students and to the intelligentsia.
The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi further said that Karachi University is one of the finest educational institutions in Pakistan, which helps in promoting research across the globe.
He mentioned that Department of Urdu is not only one of the oldest departments of the Karachi University but also a pride and “Imtezaaj”, its research journal would surely help scholars from all over the world to enhance research standards in Pakistan.
The Chairperson, Department of Urdu, and the Chief of the Imtezaaj, Professor Dr Tanzim-ul-Firdous, expressed that language and literature are the core basis for any society. “We know that research in the domains of literature and language brings out some interesting facts about every field of life.”
She observed that in the contemporary era, research has proved to be the tool for prosperity and it brings out ideas for a better world. There is always an option of hope in literary research so this journal invites intellectuals to find new parameters.
Professor Dr Tanzim Firdous said that this journal has proved its credibility while publishing consistently quality material. It is the responsibility of Urdu World to give strength to us so we may be able to represent the upcoming literary scenario in front of the world.
On this occasion, volume number 07 of Imtezaaj was also issued online and the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah, members of the research journal and researchers also attended the ceremony.


*KU to hold seminar on the state of human rights in Pakistan on Oct3*

The Department of International Relations, University of Karachi, is holding a seminar on the state of human rights in Pakistan at Arts and Social Sciences Auditorium, KU, on October 03, 2019.

The renowned human rights activist I. A. Rehman would give a presentation regarding the issue while the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, KU, Professor Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah would deliver the keynote address and the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi would preside over the event.
*KU to observes World Pharmacist Day 19 on Oct3*

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Karachi, will observe the World Pharmacist Day ’19 at the Pharmacy Auditorium, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, at 10am on Thursday October 03, 2019.

The Chief Executive Officer, Indus Pharma, Zahid Saeed, will be the chief guest on this occasion.


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