. Porf. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan has constituted a high level Committee on this issue


According to Karachi University spokes person a unsuccessful attempt was made to illegally get passion of the land of Karachi University in result of a fake notification and Karachi University categorically rejects and denies the recants news items published in the local news papers and appeal and hope that the Print and electronic Media supports Karachi University because Karachi University is our University and such and presentation of such and publication of such fake news regarding Karachi University will closed the doors of Karachi University on Poor and middle class community of the city. Vice Chancellor Karachi University, Porf. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan has constituted a high level Committee on this issue which will present its report within three days and that report will be made Public. KU Vice Chancellor on the fake notification has said that we will investigated and we will take help of Forensic Department and if any person any official of Karachi University is found involve in this act, Karachi University will take strict administrative action against that person. He also said that we will protect the land of Karachi University and we will take every possible major and we will go to every limit in this regard. We will not compromised on this issue and we will not tolerate that if any official is involved in this legal act.


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