Shah Abdul Latif University Employees were remain without salaries on Eid, Teachers’ Alliance for Good Governance


Teachers’ Alliance for Good Governance stands with the employees of Shah Abdul Latif University

Education institutions are on least priority by the Sindh government and the people who decides priorities. Can we imagine we have celebrated an Eid with grief of loss of lives but also that our colleagues at Shah Abdul Latif University were remain without salaries on this occasion.As our beloved Sufi Saint Shah Abdul Latif bhittai said “Where ever I see I find clear manifestation of truth”
Where as we shall also face the truth that if we as custodians of our institutiona would not protect and defend our rights, we can not expect that others would come to save us. This is a complete failure of Vice Chancellor Saheb a , Dr. Perveen Shah who were failed to performed her duties.It’s also appears where statutory bodies are kept hostage by administration, you will find the same results, as one month there is with salary and other month not because statutory bodies were not let to perform their functions.I request and urge Fapuasa Sindh to send a clear message, that any administration who is incapable of securing the basic human rights of her employees, must leave office without further delay and commiting further disaster.Teachers fraternity is requested to show their concern and anger through social media and letter to Editors.



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