Our young researchers are like diamonds, just need to polish them, Dr A Q Khan


Young Pakistani researchers are as precious as diamonds we just need to
polish them a little bit to get maximum benefits from them as they are
equally talented and skillful as others developed country’s researchers.

The students who are planning to go aboard for studies should remember that
their prime job is to get advanced education and knowledge. They must spend
more time in learning from teachers and laboratory experiences rather
talking about politics or religion during their stays in foreign land.

Once you get your degree, work for a while to get some experience, and come
back to your motherland and serve her. Whatever you study, it must be
practically applied for the betterment of the society and masses.
Otherwise, it does not worth much as our beloved country needs hardworking
and dedicated youngsters to come forward and lead from the front so that
Pakistan could become a part of developed nations.

These views were expressed by the Fakar-e-Pakistan, the noted nuclear
scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on Saturday. He was the chief guest at
certification distribution ceremony of the third oral presentation
competition for MPhil and PhD students of Dr A Q Khan Institute of
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (KIBGE), University of Karachi. The
event was held at the Jinnah Auditorium, KIBGE, KU.

“I have done my PhD around 48 years ago but still I am writing research and
technical papers, I have engaged myself for promotion of education and
health sectors, I want to establish useful research and development culture
in the country.”

He said that students must focus on the fact that their educational years
are actually their grooming phase, if they studied with determination then
they would not be worried in the future as hardworking and skillful persons
always remain on the top.

“This is so unfortunate that our government employees does not perform
their duty well. Being a government servant does not mean that you go to
office for relaxation, it is about a service which should be performed by
heart and dedication and aimed to facilitate people and masses.”

Dr A Q Khan observed that KIBGE which was initiated some 20 years ago is
doing very well and gives lot of satisfaction to him as this Institute has
been producing best products since its establishment.

Meanwhile, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, shared that Dr A Q Khan has done a
lot for the country and its people. “After the Founder of the Nation,
Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Mohsin-e-Pakistan Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, is truly
our national hero.”

He expressed that when the Indian government tested their atomic
technology, they were over the moon, as it was successful and they thought
that now they were able to achieve the desire results. However, it was Dr A
Q Khan who destroyed their dreams by promptly handing over the tools and
technology to the then government to conduct underground test in Chahgi,
Balochistan, in response to test conducted by the then Indian government.

He informed the audience that due to our successful test the Indian
government and its citizens were shocked as like other part of the world,
they were not expecting us to become a nuclear power as the country was
facing number of sanctions by the super powers and other countries.

“Our armed forces are one of the best in the world, and they have achieved
this position due to their abilities and nuclear technology provided by Dr
A Q Khan. Pakistan has also a unique identification among all 54 Muslim

Senator Abdul Haseeb shared that he was working on a project to establish a
modern laboratory which would work in research and development domain only.
A committee has been formed to formulate the working conditions and I would
like to request Dr A Q Khan to be a part of it so that we could get maximum
advantages due to his experience and presence.

“We always talk about academia and industries relationship and why it is
important but the fact is we never tried to practically create a bridge
between the two. The proposed laboratory would work on bring academia and
industries closer so that maximum benefit could be taken in greater
interest of the nation as the project is aimed to boost the economy and
social values of Pakistan.”

Dean, Faculty of Science, KU, Professor Dr Tabassum Mahboob, all presenters
and young researchers have established themselves scientifically,
technically at par to any other forum of similar level.

She said that the KIBGE, KU, is providing active opportunity to all the
students and researchers to practice and polish their scientific, research
and presentation skills with effective participation of experts from
variety of modern biological sciences like biotechnology, molecular
biology, bioinformatics and etc.

One of the judges of third oral presentation competition for MPhil and PhD
students of KIBGE, KU, Aqeel Ahmed, said that it was quite difficult to
evaluate the students as most of them were carrying almost equal marks, the
difference among their marks was very marginal and that’s why the judges
decided to award joint second position rather announcing second and third

Hiba Saleem clinched the first position while Omiyya Abdali and Kulsoom
Bibi were declared joint second.

Earlier, the Director General, KIBGE, KU, Professor Dr Abid Azhar, shared
that this Institute provides equal opportunity to students across the
country and we are so proud that our students are performing
extraordinarily around the world.


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