The Preacher Curl

It’s time for a separation of church and exercise. While the setup for a preacher curl is to, in fact, activate the bicep muscle, the position makes the rest of your body vulnerable.
“It puts the muscle in an active insufficiency, which means the muscle is already shortened, and puts your shoulders in an anterior tilted position and in abduction, which means they are farther apart,” says David Reavy, PT, OCT. He’s a therapist at React Physical Therapy in Chicago.
“There is no stabilization of your core or lats because your shoulder blades are out of place and you are in a forward posture. You are strengthening in a bad position.”
Instead, Reavy recommends bicep curls be done in a half-kneeling position.
While there may not be any “bad” exercises, there can be poor executions of those movements. When in doubt, seek out expert advice to make sure your programming and exercise technique aresound.


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